Monday, November 15, 2010


I had to give myself a time-out today!  I used to use time-outs with our girls (with varying degrees of effectiveness), but those days are long gone and, sadly, now it seems I need to use them on myself. 
I have this tendency to fix my eyes on all that I need to accomplish (which right now is a lot) and then it's full steam ahead!  As the wheels get rolling I tend to become less and less concerned with what's alongside the road - which includes such things as my husband, my girls, my friends, my good-attitude (to name a few). 
I just had to stop today - literally, to give myself a 10 minute time-out!  During that time, I asked God to forgive me for being so busy.  Busyness is not God's idea - it's one we've come up with all on our own.  Busyness robs me of precious connections with my family, precious time with my Creator - it wears me out, shortens my fuse and really just makes me an all-around grouch!  So today, I had a time-out!  And it was good.  I'm wondering what my girls didn't like about them...I'm hoping to have another one tomorrow!

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