Monday, July 25, 2011

Be still my heart!

I feel like most of what I've posted lately about our adoption journey has been timeline and checklist related - we've done this, we still need to do that - you get the drift.  I feel like these timelines and checklists are insulating my heart a little bit right now - protecting me from getting too attached or too excited about the reality of where our journey is leading. But I realized this afternoon as I gazed at the one picture we have of our sweet little girl, that the emotion I've been trying to keep in check is starting to overflow!
We know her name and I've memorized every inch of her picture - her perfect little mouth, her sweet cheeks, her beautiful long eyelashes - be still my heart!  The literal ache to hold her catches me off-guard at times!  I find myself waking several times in the night, asking God to protect her - to hold her in His hands - to somehow help her know that she's loved and thought about and prayed for!  That her family is coming for her soon!
We can't show her face until she is officially a "Thomas girl", but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the priceless little girl that has stolen our hearts!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet Averi

Fourteen years ago today, our sweet Averi was born!  The years sure do fly by and with Averi off to Church camp this week, I'm reminded again of the season of life we're in with our 2 oldest daughters.  We're learning to let go and some days that's easier said than done.  We've always tried to hold our girls with open hands - knowing that they are first and foremost daughters of the King...but we're treasuring each day and year - each moment - that God gives us to love and adore them!  The calendar pages just seem to keep turning and birthdays keep coming...and even though we are anxiously awaiting a new arrival in our family and heading back to the "toddler stage" with her; I keep thinking how quickly the days are passing with our older girls and how I want to treasure each one!
Averi will be a freshman this year - a JV cheerleader - simply beautiful inside and out!  She is often sought out by friends, known for her listening ear and encouraging words.  These teenage years can be pretty rocky terrain, but she's learning to take careful, steady steps and throwing in a few brave hops and jumps just to keep things interesting!
Our prayer for Averi remains the same as it has been since the day she was born - that she would keep her eyes focused on Jesus and shine brightly for Him!
We love you sweet girl and are so blessed that God chose us to be your Mom and Dad!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The journey continues...

After accepting our official referral, there were 2 pieces of paperwork that we needed to have Authenticated.  First, we sent them off to our Secretary of State to get the Great Seal on them (we sent them overnight on Tuesday, with another overnight envelope inside and received them back on Friday).  We then sent them on to a Courier Service that will make sure they end up at the Department of State and the Congo Embassy in Washington DC before heading to The Congo.  Today we are applying for our Passports and then all that will be left to do is wait - we all know how good I am at that!! :)
No major news, just wanted to keep you up-to-date on the journey!   If you're looking for a specific way to pray right now - pray for the protection of our little one in The Congo - that God would hold her safely in His hand!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Day!!

Today we received medicals on Leonie!  Her full name is Leonie Eliane Nana, she's 2 years old and there were no major red flags with her health!  We also received word that she is 100% ready to be adopted, which means that no living relatives were found.  
This means that we can officially accept her referral and finish up the last 2 pieces of paperwork needed to complete our dossier.  One step closer!!
We also received a letter today from the Department of Homeland Security stating that our 1600a paperwork was received and our biometric appointments will be scheduled.  Another step in the right direction!!
We're so thankful for God's perfect timing and how He continues to direct each step along this journey!  Thank you for praying along with us!  Our agency and lawyer all seem anxious to move the rest of this process along as quickly as possible (woohoo!!) - so we'll keep you posted!
See the picture of the girls at the top of our blog - that's pretty much how we're all feeling today!!  Happy Day!!