Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Day!!

Today we received medicals on Leonie!  Her full name is Leonie Eliane Nana, she's 2 years old and there were no major red flags with her health!  We also received word that she is 100% ready to be adopted, which means that no living relatives were found.  
This means that we can officially accept her referral and finish up the last 2 pieces of paperwork needed to complete our dossier.  One step closer!!
We also received a letter today from the Department of Homeland Security stating that our 1600a paperwork was received and our biometric appointments will be scheduled.  Another step in the right direction!!
We're so thankful for God's perfect timing and how He continues to direct each step along this journey!  Thank you for praying along with us!  Our agency and lawyer all seem anxious to move the rest of this process along as quickly as possible (woohoo!!) - so we'll keep you posted!
See the picture of the girls at the top of our blog - that's pretty much how we're all feeling today!!  Happy Day!!

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