Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick Update

Our family leaves for Michigan tomorrow, but I wanted to give a quick update before we head out!
First of all, our good friends, the DeMaio's, are in Ethiopia this week meeting their sweet little one for the first time - their court date is today, Wednesday.  Since there is a 7 hr time difference, I was up several times in the night praying for them to pass court!!
Second, our "package" is off to USCIS - we'll now wait for our fingerprinting appointments.
Third, our dossier is just about put together (at least all we can do until we officially accept our referral).  We'll finish up a couple of things and send it to our agency before we leave tomorrow!
Fourth, we'll continue to wait for medicals to come through on the little one we have an "unofficial referral" for - once we have those, she will become our official referral!  I told the gal at our agency a couple of days ago that I'm thinking it might be quicker for me just to hop on a plane, head on over there and take her to the Dr myself!  :)
We know God's timing is perfect, but we sure are excited!  We look at her picture at least a dozen times a day - we're waiting patiently (we're trying) for that day when we get to meet her face to face - unspeakable joy!!

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