Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Make today count!

I was listening to the song "Never Grow Up" last night and thinking about how much I love my girls.  I've never really been a mom who longs to go back to a certain age or stage.   I'm one to think that each new stage and age is fun and exciting and full of surprising experiences!  But last night, I was reminded again of the short years we have with our little ones and how important it is to make each moment count.  
I've been struck lately with how difficult it is to see your kids hurt as they get older.  When we have little ones, normally hurts are fixed with a band-aid and a snuggle; tears are wiped away and things are better.  But as our kids get older, the hurts aren't so easily patched up.  Hurt feelings, disappointment, fragile self-esteem, broken hearts - these things don't call for a band-aid.  A hug still helps, but the painful effects of these hurts are so much longer lasting.  I find myself crying much more frequently for my girls now then I did when they were younger.  Don't get me wrong, there were definitely times when they were cranky, non-stop-crying little ones -when I shed tears of frustration and shear exhaustion (you know what I'm talking about), but now...the tears are purely from a momma's heart breaking for her girls. 
I'm not sure exactly why I'm writing this - I guess as a reminder of how much, as a parent, I love my girls and how much more perfectly my Heavenly Father loves me...and them.  How His heart must break as He sees and feels our pain...Oh How He Loves Us (turn off the music at the bottom of the page before listening to this)
I hope you're encouraged by how beautifully our Father loves us.  And if you're a momma - I'm praying that we make today count with our kids!

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