Friday, March 30, 2012


Our great hope is found in believing that God sees the bigger picture - the highest perspective.  And in those times when we are puzzled by the small pieces that just don't seem to fit together, He promises to be with us.
A month ago, our family was truly puzzled, the picture just wasn't turning out like we thought it would.

We knew that God delights in adoption, in putting orphans into families and we knew that God called our family to adopt - so why weren't things working out?  

I asked myself that question many times in the days right after we lost our 1st referral.  But here's the thing, we never lost hope - because we know that God sees the pieces of the picture that we don't and we knew that He was walking through this time with us - we felt His comfort and peace in so many different ways.

We continued to wait with great expectation for what piece of the picture God would show us next.  And boy, did He have a beautiful surprise in store for us!

Today, we officially accepted another referral and our lawyer will be heading to court on our behalf in just a couple weeks.  Here's what I can show you...

Yep, you counted right!  10 little toes on 4 sweet little feet!  Not only did God give us another referral - He doubled the fun!!  Twin girl and boy, who turned 3 yrs old in January.  I cannot begin to tell you the range of emotions we're experiencing right now, but joy certainly tops the list!

"God has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!"  Psalm 126:3


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm over the moon with excitement for you guys!

  2. And what beautiful little toes they are. :-) Sooooo excited for you! Congratulations!

  3. Oh, Praise the Lord Thomas family!!! So excited for God's plans for your family!

  4. Congrats! So excited for you guys!!

  5. Hooray, Kristi! So excited to hear this news- what a blessing!!! You all have been on my heart so much the past several weeks- I'm so delighted to see what joy God has brought your way! Praying for the process and for His protection and peace over the two little hearts in that sweet picture. Exciting!!!!!!

  6. Yayy!! Twice the Joy and Blessing to the Thomas family! Praying this process goes smoothly and you have a lot more noise and JOY in your home soon!

  7. Amen. What an incredible answer to prayer. That is amazing. Congratulations!