Friday, December 28, 2012

In the midst of quiet...

It's quiet at my house right now!  This past week has been busy with Christmas and friends and everyone home from school and's been hard to find a quiet moment.  But this morning, JT and Anni are off to a soccer clinic and Abbi and Averi are still sleeping.  Otis, our new puppy (yes, we're a little bit crazy!) was up at his normal 5am, but he's settled in to his crate with his bone and is quite content for the moment.

In the midst of quiet, I've been thinking over all that the next weeks will hold for our family.  We were very aware this Christmas, that next Christmas will look very different.  It's exciting, overwhelming and a tad bit sad all wrapped up together.

At work we recently took a strengths test - my result is that I'm "paced" - timing, flow and ample opportunity to plan are all very important to me - shocker! :)  In light of that, I understand how important it is for me to quickly find a new flow each time I encounter change - a new "normal".  
I'm under no delusions - I know our home is about to be turned inside out and upside down, but I'm praying that God will give us the wisdom and insight to quickly find a new normal, a flow that will work for our new expanded family.
I know many of you are praying faithfully for our family - we appreciate that so much!  I would ask that as we get closer and closer to bringing our little ones home that you would pray specifically for God to pour His extravagant grace on our home - that it would fill each crack and each gap and that each of our hearts would be saturated with love for one another - the kind of love that believes the best and has incredible hope in the story God is writing for our family!

We sent an email to the Embassy in Kinshasa yesterday asking for an invitation to travel.  We just need them to say the word - "come".

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  1. We are praying for you! We know that you all will bring glory to God through this whole experience. Can't wait to watch it happen. I have been reading a book recommended by the gal who adopted 2 kids from Ethopia a few years back. We were just talking about you guys this morning and she said it might be nice to pass the name on to you as it has been a huge help to her. The books are by Bryan Post who is a Christian Child Behavior Expert. The one I am reading right now is called The Great Behavior Breakdown. FYI. Talk to you soon - Sally