Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

The start of a new school year - a new beginning!  This morning we were ready to go early! (whoever decided that elementary school should start at 7:20, seriously needs to have their head checked)

I do have to say this year was a little different.  This was the first summer that I really didn't count down the days until school started.  I don't know why.  Maybe because my girls are getting older and really, for the most part, are 3 of the most "undemanding" kids ever.  Maybe because I really enjoyed our time this summer - doing puzzles, going to the movies, going to the beach and the pool,  spending time in MI, staying up late (eating popcorn) and sleeping in.  Maybe it's because each year I realize that we're that much closer to sending Abbi off to college (and then Averi and then Anni...)  I don't know, but I wasn't quite as ready as I normally am for summer to be over.  But it is...
I'll admit that I cried on the way home from work today because I feel the days getting shorter and shorter.  Anyways, tomorrow I'm sure I won't be quite so emotional.  Today - they were excited and so I'm excited for them - I'll be all smiles when they get home!

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