Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Abbi!

Happy 15th Birthday Abbi!  Wow.  15.  Amazing.  Years.  Old.

I love this girl!  Abbi is fun and laid back and has a smile that is simply infectious!  She's our first-born and we've definitely made our fair share of mistakes, but we've tried to hold her in open hands, realizing that she's an incredible gift, but she is ultimately God's.  We're reminded so often that our days of "parenting" Abbi are growing short and that always brings a little bit of sadness, but we're also so excited to see all she is becoming.  Our prayer for Abbi is that she'll continue to allow God to do big things in her life.  That her story will be one that brings incredible glory to God!
We love you kiddo!

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