Wednesday, December 15, 2010

...may you also dance!

I love the blog community that surrounds families who have, are or will be adopting!  It's amazing how connected you can feel to families that you've never met, but as you read their words and experiences you realize that when you share a common love for God and a heart for little ones who need families to love and care for them - the world really is a small place and people you've never met seem to feel like sweet old friends!  I follow many blogs, but the words from one gal in particular this week really touched me and brought tears (lots of them) that I'm still trying to fully explain to my husband. :) 
Andrea and her husband, Richard, adopted a little guy (Isaac) from Ethiopia about a year ago.  Here are her words -
Me and Isaac...we slow danced today. As we danced and I looked at he giggled and giggled...I thought about that plan ride with Richard. How badly I wanted my husband to say yes - but I knew I had to trust my husband and follow his lead..but oh how my heart wanted to say yes to the list of unknowns...yes to our agency saying "he is 8 months old and can barely lift his head...but he smiles"...say yes beacuse I knew in my heart that this baby deserved a mommy who would fight for him. Well, we have fought this year...and now we dance. And the hard parts..the tired parts..the oh-my-gosh-can-we-do-this parts...Yes, they are all worth it.
May the leaps of faith you take trusting the Lord in the big and in the small result in moments like these...where you sit back, shake your head, wipe away a tear realizing how good God's plans really are. And then, may you also dance!

The part that brought a load of tears was when she said, I knew in my heart that this baby deserved a mommy who would fight for him. That's exactly how I feel, that the little one God has chosen for our family, deserves a mommy and a daddy and sisters who will fight for her. Despite the waiting and the challenges that have been, are and I'm sure, will be - a family who will love, adore and fight -with everything they have- for her. And someday, I know in my heart...there will be lots of dancing!

Keep praying for us - it really does mean so much!

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  1. OK. Let the water works commence... I love the thought that adoption involves a heart to fight for a child. Such a sweet message, thank you for sharing! We love you guys and will continue to pray for you and the little one you will bring home! xoxo