Monday, December 19, 2011

God Has Done Great Things!

Some of you have asked what ended up happening with our friends who were denied the Visa to bring their little girl home from Uganda.  As you may remember their case was sent to Nairobi for another ruling.  Below is what they posted today!  Thank you to those who prayed for this family.  God has done great things!  
While I laid in bed I began praying over and over that God would allow us to be one of those 40% of cases who automatically get the green light to go get their baby.  BTW, I have no idea where those statistics actually came from that were given to us, but hey, it gave me some numbers to work with:)  I knew it was unlikely and seemed to be the easy answer to our hearts plea, but it is what I prayed…over and over and over.
I walked into the office and opened up my email to see a letter from the Embassy in Kampala.
The subject title was
“Congratulations” and here is what it said:
“You couldn’t have had a better Christmas present than the approval to take Shabi home.
Merry Christmas”
By now I’m shouting for Josh to come in the office and figure all this out with me!  This was all just too good to be true.  We have had set-backs at EVERY step of the way since leaving for Uganda.  Surely this wasn’t what we thought it was.
We went to open the email but it was encrypted and didn’t have any way of opening it.  Those first few minutes were absolute torture as we tried everything we could to open the attached verdict.  We called Josh’s super-smart brother to see if we could forward it to him and see if he could figure it out.  A few minutes later he called saying that he opened it and that it was on its way back to our Inbox.
After refreshing the page 47 times while we waited, we received it…the approval notice for our I-600 and word that our case was on its way back to Kampala!  No questions asked.  No further investigation needed!
We cried.  We jumped.  We squealed.  The kids went absolutely CRAZY!
Then we sat down and thanked God with everything we had for answering our prayers with a “YES” this time!
We have to wait to hear back from the Embassy with a VISA appointment before we can schedule our airline tickets to go pick up our daughter, but she is coming!  She’s really coming home!
We know that we are very fortunate, as many families are getting opposite news from Nairobi, and we don’t take lightly that we are blessed to be able to bring our little girl home in the next week or two.  Friends, know that we are continuing to pray for your families and your processes!  We know our news is bitter sweet as you read it…
A big thank you to those of you who have continued to lift our family up!  Our God is so good.  He’s been so good to us all along.  I still feel like the ripples will continue as He reveals all the ways the Lord has worked throughout our process.
The best is yet to come!


  1. That's incredible...what happy happy news!! God IS so good!

  2. WOW, how encouraging to hear the Lord answering prayer! And advocating for the orphan! THanks for sharing this so we can REJOICE with you & be encouraged and spurred on in prayer!