Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Why is this Abandonment Decree taking so long?"

I wanted to get in one more update before 2011 rolls out and 2012 rolls in. I'm still having a hard time believing that another year has past by.  Time flies and I'm sure 2012 will soar along just as quickly.  The good thing about that...before we know it we'll be bringing our little one home!
We talked with our Agency Director this week and got some news.  The reason our Abandonment Decree hasn't come through yet is because the Congolese gov't has already issued a Decree for "our" little girl to an adoption agency in Italy.  I know...What?!  That in itself raises many questions (at least it did for me), but we don't have any answers on that right move on.
Our lawyer has talked with the agency in Italy and they have said that they are not going to be placing "our" little girl and that they will instruct the gov't to release the Abandonment Decree to our agency/lawyer.  Our lawyer asked the Italian agency to write a letter to the Congolese gov't, but they said they would be in Kinsasha in January and would take care of it in person.  
Our Director has told us her recommendation is for us to wait it out through the month of January.  The plan is that the Italian agency will instruct the Congolese gov't to release the Abandonment Decree sometime this month and it will be turned over to our lawyer.  After that our case will get under motion and most likely we'll travel in the Spring.  
If for some reason, the Italian agency doesn't carry out their part by the end of January, then we'll be given another referral.  I haven't wrapped my head completely around that one yet, so I'll just leave it at that.
Please pray!  Specifically, that before January comes to an end the Abandonment Decree will be in the hands of our lawyer.

It's a relief to have an answer to the question, "Why is this Abandonment Decree taking so long?".  I'm really trying to remember to thank God for the answers to prayer that He brings our way.  So we're praising Him for another question answered - it truly does take us another step closer!

We have the distinct feeling that 2012 will be an interesting year.  We're praying that it will be "interesting" in a good way! :)  Whatever God has in store for us, even those moments when it feels like everything is falling to pieces, we know that His Word promises that He is before all things and that through Him all things are held together.  
We're so thankful for our Great God and the many family and friends that are praying with us along the way!


  1. Just another hitch in the "get along" - God knows all about it and His timing is perfect.
    Hard to be patient isn't it? We sit on pins and needles, waiting for a call. It WILL come soon..........Love you.........Mom

  2. Hi Kristi
    Just found out we are in the same situation. We will be praying along with you for our girls.