Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Projects - Project #1

The past 2 weeks at church have been non-stop busy, so our Children's Pastor gave our staff this week to work from home - accomplishing just the "have-to's" and spending some time recouping!  Since I'm not one to sit still for too long, I decided this week would be perfect for accomplishing some projects for little A and J's room.  I found 3 projects on Pinterest (oh Pinterest, where have you been all my life?!) that I LOVE - I figure if I chart my progress, I'll have more incentive to actually get them done.
So...here's yesterday's project - #1

Prepping the canvas

Cutting out the letters


I make my own modge-podge using equal parts of Elmer's glue and water - shake really well and presto - you've got modge-podge!

Finished project!

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  1. cute Kristi!! I feel the same way about Pinterest- where have you been all my life?!? It's a crafty girls PARADISE! =)

    Praying our children home,