Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Averi

Ok, so I'm going to take the next few moments to shamelessly brag about our sweet Averi (if you can't do that on your blog, then where can you?!) 
Last night I went to Averi's parent-teacher conference.  I met with 3 of her teachers and heard wonderful things like, "good student, hard worker, very polite...", but it was the story that her teacher, Ms Jenkins, told me that really made this momma's heart melt.  Ms. Jenkins has been suffering with a sinus infection and not feeling very well.  The other day, she decided to try making it through the school day, but ended up having to leave early because she just felt awful.  Right before she was getting ready to leave the class in the hands of her sub - Averi came up to her, put her hand on her arm and said, "Ms Jenkins, I'm so sorry that you don't feel well".  Ms Jenkins had tears in her eyes as she was telling me this story.  She told me that the compassion and sincerity in Averi's voice and words that day had touched her heart in a special way! 
I love that Averi is a hard-working, polite student, but I LOVE that she has a heart that truly cares for others!  We're so proud of you Averi - you're an incredible young lady and you reflect the love of our Heavenly Father so beautifully!

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