Friday, January 14, 2011

First Home Study Visit

Our Program requires that we have no less than 4 face-to-face visits with our Home Study social worker - today was Visit #1.  Our social worker's name is Hollie and she's wonderful!  We met at the Christian Family Services' office and it was just a basic "get to know ya" kind of meeting - we had several pieces of paperwork that needed to be turned in and we set up the date for our next visit - which will be at our home on January 27th.  We have our Dr appts set up for next week and after that all the Home Study paperwork that we are responsible for should be complete.  We're making good progress and I'm so thankful for the incredible people who are helping us along the way!
On another note - the girls had another snow day today - a full week off from school - woohoo!! 
Yes, I know all you northerners are having a good laugh right now. :)

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