Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping you Up-to-Date on our Progress...

Today Jeff and I had our Dr Appointments - these are needed for both our Home Study and Dossier.  Our girls will go for their appointments on Monday - which are just needed for our Home Study.  Luckily, they don't need the same extensive examination as Jeff and I do (mainly, they don't need to have blood drawn or TB tests done).  I'm thankful for that, because, I just have to say that my arm is quite sore and I'm sure that the girls wouldn't have cared for the needle pokes and pricks. :)
So we continue on...we're waiting on paperwork from our Employers and then our 2nd Home Study visit on the 27th.  We're continuing to send (fax or email) pieces of Dossier paperwork to our America World Family Coordinator, she reviews them to make sure we are completeing them correctly - which is so helpful, because I'm a nervous-wreck that I'm going to do something incorrectly.  So we're getting there...
It's a beautiful thing!

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