Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

For the past 3 days we have been "snowed in" - I use that term lightly! :)  In Michigan, this would be considered normal winter weather and life would continue on as normal, but here in the South - this is a "blizzard" and everything shuts down! 
This is what we've been doing around the Thomas household for the past 3 days - playing in the snow, playing cards, making/eating snowcream, doing puzzles and "crafting".  Yes, crafting...we went on an outing today to Michaels - really the road are as clear as can be...we got all our supplies and came home and put together super cute chalkboard picture frames - they are going to be thank you gifts for a few fantastic ladies that volunteer in our children's ministry!  I was over the moon happy with our crafting-selves today...the girls, Crafting just isn't their thing, I guess. :)  Oh well, it's been great having a few days to do some fun, out-of-the-ordinary things - Happy Snow Days!


  1. How did the girls not love the crafting?!?! The frame is SO cute! And it looks like y'all really got a good bit of snow- reminds you of home, doesn't it? =) Miss you guys!

  2. I know - I think they missed out on the crafting-gene. :)
    We did get alot of snow (for SC that is) - it reminds me of the part of home that I don't really miss!!
    Miss you guys too - take care of your sweet family!