Friday, October 28, 2011

Late Night and the World - It's Dad here!

It's 12:02 am on Thursday night and I am watching one of the most bizzare baseball games ever.  Dropped fly balls, poor throws, home runs followed by clutch hits and then more home runs.  So many ups and downs!  My nerves can't take much more!

But as I go through the emotions that this game has thrown at me, I am reminded of how many emotions we have experienced going through our adoption journey.  Times of pure joy and times of pure frustration. Right now we are in one of those times of 'Pure Frustration'.  For 6 weeks we have been waiting for our lawyer in DRC to obtain what they call and abandonment decree.  We know from our lawyer and our agency that all of the background checks on Alli have come back good.  Why we are still waiting for the abandonment decree only God knows.  It is very hard to get answers.  Things don't run in a timely manner in DRC.

So as the dad, who is sitting here watching this game, I am also sitting here wishing that we would get the OK to bring out little girl home.  My request is simple, please pray that the abandonment decree comes through soon.  Once this happens the adoption process can begin in earnest.  When we receive the abandonment decree, the lawyer can then get a new birth certificate and then proceed with the adoption.  We are told this part of the process will not take long.

As many of you know, I have a birthday coming up the end of November...all I want is a travel date to DRC so we can go and pick up a special little girl....I hope God is reading this!!....Go Rangers!


  1. We will be praying at the Nitengale household for a special 40th birthday present for you Jeff!! Can't wait to see pictures of your family with your daughter!!

  2. Ah...I'm in the same boat as you guys, waiting for my Mikaiya's decree to arrive. I'll be praying, waiting, and hoping alongside you!