Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day #2

Today I'm thankful for my morning's first cup of coffee...sometimes it's just the little things that bring such happiness. :)

My coffee routine was almost messed with this morning.  My grinder is a bit temperamental and gave me a scare.  After taking it apart and shaking it up several times it still wasn't cooperating with me.  My hubby came to the rescue just before I threw it across the kitchen - his timing is impeccable! (and obviously, I'm a little irritable first thing in the a.m.)  

This morning as I was going through the process of grinding beans, heating water in the kettle, pressing my coffee to sweet perfection - I was reminded of something a good friend shared with me a couple years ago - it's funny how some things stick with you...she was challenged to ask herself if she looked forward to her morning time with God as much as she looked forward to her morning cup of coffee.  Ouch.  
As thankful as I am for my coffee in the morning, I want to anticipate and savor my time with God a hundred thousand times more!  

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