Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November - 30 days of Thankfulness

I love the month of November - the beauty outside, the anticipation of special family holidays to come and an overall sense of profound thankfulness that just seems to bubble up this time of year.  For the 30 days of November, I want to share some of the things, little and big, that our family is so thankful for.

This November is especially meaningful as we wait with great expectation for our turn to travel to Africa and bring our sweet littles home!  As I sat thinking about all that the next months will hold for our family, I was overwhelmed with the great reality of the beautiful journey God has led us on so far.  Yes, we have so much to look forward to - a lifetime of moments and memories to make and cherish, but today I was so thankful for the road that we have already traveled.

Our adoption journey to this point has been long and filled with detours and delays we didn't expect, but the way God has used this road to grow us can't be overlooked.  It hasn't been wasted time and that's one of the things that I love most about how God works.  He uses each circumstance, each "surprise", each disappointment to draw us closer to Him, with the very specific purpose of making us more like Him!

This journey has opened our eyes to a world of need around us - not just in Africa, but right in our own community as well.  It's also opened our eyes to the level of generosity that surrounds us.  Our family and friends have overwhelmed us with not only prayers and encouragement along this road, but also with financial generosity that has given us hope and inspired a new level of generosity in our own lives.

To all who have bought t-shirts, given up Christmas gifts to give a love gift to us, stuck checks in our pockets, sent checks off to Project Feet - to the special family that has answered our phone calls and said "whatever you need" more than once - your generosity will not be forgotten.
It makes us so thankful for the community of family and friends that will surround our little ones once they get home!

This video describes beautifully our heart for adoption.  We are His hands and feet.  And we are so honored to have friends and family that allow God to move in their hearts and give because of what has been given to them. On this first day of November, we are so thankful for you.  You are our heroes and you will forever be a part of our family's story.  Thank you for allowing God to move you!

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