Monday, August 1, 2011

Sent with LOVE!

We were so excited last week to find out that our agency's director will be making a trip to DRC and is willing to take along care packages for our little ones (and she'll also bring back new pictures and video!!)
It was so much fun to pick out outfits and toys to send over to Alli!  It's so amazing to think that the very things that we packed with such love will actually be worn, touched and held by our sweet girl!  It makes it seem like we're close to her even though we're still an ocean away.
So here's what we're sending over (it all had to fit in a 2.5 gal ziploc bag)

Sent to Alli with LOVE!!


  1. Kristi, I sent that exact same outfit, dress, and shoes for Sue to take to my Mikaiya! Haha! If they're in the same orphanage they'll look like twins. :)

  2. Oh, that would be so cute!! :) You just can't go wrong at Target!