Wednesday, July 28, 2010


en·dur·ance  n.  The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress

When I think of endurance I always think of runners - those who keep on, even when every muscle in their body is saying STOP!  I can't say I remember exactly what that's like - I was a runner in my younger days, but have lost the desire to be one now - but I do love those with endurance!  I strive to be one with endurance.

The great thing for us as Christ-followers is that our "power" is coming from the one true, endless Source!
He never promised us that life would smooth-sailing, stress or hardship-free.  He did, however, promise that He would be our source of never-ending strength - so that we can endure!  And not just endure, but endure with gusto - endure victoriously!

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