Friday, July 2, 2010

Resting - Time Well Spent

Resting can be difficult for me, but I'm getting some much needed practice at it this week.  Our family is up in MI enjoying time with family and friends - away from our normal responsibilities and routines. The first couple of days I'll admit it's hard for me to stop thinking about what's going on at home, at work, in the web-world; but it doesn't take too long to realize that it all keeps on keeping on with or without me. That's both humbling and reassuring all at the same time!
In the midst of resting, here are some things that God has brought to my mind this week (in no particular order)...
My life is His story - He plays the starring role (not me)
A wedding at the Zoo is awesome - here are some pictures to prove it -Jake and Courtney's Wedding
God sure knew what He was doing when He designed us to dance - when else can you have so much fun, burn so many calories and care so little about what others think of you!
Each day I need to reduce my expectations to zero and just embrace whatever He brings my way
MI is absolutely some of God's most beautiful handiwork (but I do enjoy it much more when it's not covered in snow)
God funds what He favors and He favors adoption
Life is so much more purposeful and peaceful when God is steering the boat
And last, but certainly not least...There's nothing like time spent around a campfire!

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  1. I love how you express yourself Kristi. I enjoy the songs you have chosen to accompany your blog. "Feels Like Home" was the perfect choice for your MI. trip. Yes, home is where the heart is and for a brief time you were back where you came from and it felt like home. But only for a moment in rolls on and those moments become a memory. Hold those times fast and tuck them in that special place where you can relive and savor them them at a moments notice. Little girl dreams and big girl responsibilities are world's apart, but all are what make up the woman you are today. A mighty special woman I have to say! Love you....Mom