Friday, June 18, 2010

Application Follow-Up

Yesterday we recieved an email from America World's intake coordinator - she is in the process of reviewing our adoption application!  She was looking for a little more information on how we will be financing our adoption.  Thankfully, America World is a Christian organization - so when we say things like, "we are trusting that God will provide for what He's called us to do" - that makes sense to her.  Still, she is doing her job and making sure that our family is prepared for the financial weight that lies ahead.  So we sent her some more information and explanation about the various adoption loans and grants that we are looking into (what a blessing that there are organizations that make these things possible and available to families that have a heart for adoption) and we are now praying that our application will be accepted and our "official" adoption journey will begin.  Would you please take a few minutes today and pray that we'll get a phone call and they'll say "Congratulations, your application has been accepted"!  Just typing those words brings tears - I'm praying that we'll hear them very soon!
Thank you for your prayers!!

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