Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Special Day with Anni

Anni and I spent the day together - just the 2 of us - it was so much fun!  We did a little shopping - she helped me pick out a dress - I helped her pick out some shoes.  We had lunch at Wendy's (her choice). 
The most amazing thing is all the talking that happens when we just have one-on-one time. 
Anni's been telling us (and anyone else who will listen) for quite awhile now that she doesn't think she'll want to have children - it looks to her like they are just way too much work!  But what I heard come out of our sweet girl's mouth today made me smile a "that's my girl" kind of smile! 
She said, "Mom, I know you've been kind of worried that you won't have grandchildren (really hadn't crossed my mind at this point, but I let her continue).  I don't want you to worry anymore, I've decided that I'm going to adopt.  I think there'll be a little girl in Ethiopia or maybe China who will need me to be her mom." 
I love, love, love that adoption is now something that is on the hearts and minds of our girls! 
Thanks for a great day Anni!

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