Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We celebrate special occassions in weekends or weeks - Mother's Day weekend, Birthday week, Father's Day weekend - you get the picture!  It spreads out the enjoyment and allows us to justify eating out and doing extra fun things as part of the "celebration"!
This past weekend we celebrated the best Daddy around!  Jeff is the strong spiritual leader of our family, which in my book, is #1 Dad material!  He makes our girls laugh (ok and yes, sometimes cry) - he encourages them to think on their feet and be flexible!  He makes them feel special, which in turn makes them strong and confident!  He doesn't shy away from uncomfortable or awkward conversations and discussions - which in a house of growing girls is super important!  He's just the all-around King of the castle and we love him so much!
We were so thankful that this Father's Day weekend we also got to celebrate the official start of our journey to sweet Thomas girl #4 - she's sure to steal her Daddy's heart just like the other 3 have!

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  1. That sounded like a special tribute to a great Dad. Glad you celebrate weeks, not just the day, cause I didn't get a card sent to him. Happy Father's Day a little late Jeff.
    You are an exceptional father, dealing with a houseful of girls, and you do a fantastic job of it. Have a great year ahead with the anticipation of a new little life to touch.
    We love you.