Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Words?

I wanted to share with you why I chose 1John 3:18 "Let us love not with words or tongue but with actions and truth" as the verse to "head up" our blog.
Words are really important to me - I love to read words, I love to write words; other's words carry a lot of weight with me and I speak words carefully, hoping that they will carry weight with others.
But God has really been challenging me lately...are the words that come out of my mouth just words or are they tied to actions that come from a heart that really believes what I'm saying? That can be a tough question for me.
I think we all can agree that the word love is pretty over-used. We say we love everything from blueberries to FlashForward (which I really do find entertaining and hope they don't cancel). But when I speak of love I want it to be more than just words, I want it to be a true expression of my heart! I want to be so filled up with the love that God continually shows me, that it overflows from my heart, out of my mouth and into my actions.
When we think of adopting, that's what we think of - love in action. We want to love a child who might not otherwise experience what it's like to be treasured and adored by a family. We want to share God's truth with a child who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be led to their Heavenly Father. For our family, we want it to be more than just words - we want to love "with actions and truth"!

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