Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dinner is Served - Part 2

Tonight was Averi's turn to prepare dinner.  She made turkey wraps, fruit salad and mashed potatoes.  I know, weird combination, but the mashed potatoes were Abbi's special request and being the nice sister that she is, Averi obliged!  Earlier in the day, Anni and I had made raspberry pie (my favorite - and very hard to come across down here in the South).  It was a fabulous dinner!  Great job Averi!

A little side note, my hand-mixer was a casualty of tonight's dinner preparations.  It's quite sad, Jeff and I received this mixer as a wedding shower gift from George and Sophie Ranger many years ago.  It served our family well!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that's sad...about the mixer I mean. Yes, it's lived a good long life - 18 yrs. Well, bury it and maybe it will follow Sophie and the Master Fixer will make it work again and she can give it to you again when we join her. Not being sacreligious, just being funny to lighten the mood. Use a little of your birthday money to buy another. Maybe that will last until the Rapture!