Friday, November 18, 2011

He Alone is Worthy

After spending hours over the past few days praying...
for our Pastors in Haiti, many friends who are dealing with sickness and hurting, our friends in Uganda as they struggle to understand why their daughter's Visa was denied and pray for a miracle to allow them to bring her home, for Garren as he continues to heal from a brain trauma and we ask God to allow him to swallow once again, our sweet Alli as she waits for us in The Congo - begging God to allow her abandonment decree to come through so we can move forward...
When words just won't form, when all I can do is sit in silence, here is the truth that echos in my heart -
All Power and Majesty and Glory, to You Alone, Oh God!

We pray boldly.  Not because we always understand His ways, but because we know Who He Is and He alone is worthy!

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