Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In all things give Thanks!

We got an email from our agency yesterday...here's the latest -
Our lawyer is working on abandonment decrees and Alli's should be coming soon.

Yes, this is exactly what we heard last week...and the week before...'soon' is becoming a word that I just don't like very much anymore. :)
What keeps running through my head?
In all things, give thanks
I find that when I do that, when I praise God for being in control of all things and working in ways that we don't always see or understand - I feel His presence and peace wash over me.
I'm so thankful for that today!

We'll keep you posted.  We're praying that 'soon' comes very soon! :)

I hope you enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

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  1. Yep, I got a similar email and had similar thoughts. I hope and pray that "this week" might actually mean this week. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift that would be! But if it doesn't, I'm so glad we can rest in God's timing. And regardless of what happens, we can choose to give thanks. Have a blessed Thanksgiving week!